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    Question Myles Keller Archery

    Does anyone know anything about Myles Keller bows. My buddy found one at a rummage sale and wants to know a little bit about them. He went on the internet and checked all around but has had no luck. Any information would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!

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    Myles Keller used to write for North American Whitetail magazine and has shot many Boon and Crockett trophies in his lifetime. He was also part of Scent Shield's prostaff at one time, but this was many years ago. Didn't know he had marketed bows. He was famous for using recurves, I believe.
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    Red face Miles Keller series of XI bow

    I think this is the info you are looking for. Miles endorsed a signature series line of bows from XI industries. In 1997 they merged with Escalade sports. I still own three of these bows they are out of date but were good in the day. You still see lots of them around especially the silverhawk which is a novice hunting bow for juniors. The ultra magnium and legand are more top of the line Keller series I believe. I have had a few of these (mostly because that is what the pro shop here used to sell) and killed many deer with them. Still would work but would not give alot of money for one. If it is a new hunter not spending much money and wanting to get into the sport cheap I would say give it a try and see if you like bow hunting. Hope I was a help and I am sure you can find the bow on the net if you search XI miles Keller series....

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    Default Does it look like this one.....

    Ole XI impulse that used to be popular. is it like thisClick image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks Guys!! Your information really helped my buddy out. I appreciate it, Thanks Again!!

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