Hi Folks. Well, itís been a long, tough summer of fishing. Activity has been just like our weather Ė lots of ups and downs. This past week of hot weather has warmed up water and triggered a pretty good walleye and northern bite on some waters.

WALLEYES have been doing pretty well as of late. We have been finding them in 1 to 2 feet of water on area flowages. On these waters jig + minnow combinations have been working best. The best thing about this bite is that the ďeaterĒ northerns are hanging around the same spots. On lakes we have been finding our fish a little deeper. My best activity has been in 6 to 8 feet of water. Wood and weeds are the structure Iím targeting. On lakes, crawlers are still best, although itís wise to have a few minnows along. On rock-oriented waters, concentrate on humps at about 15 feet. We have found that drifting across them using lindy floating rigs has been effective.

This has been a great year when it comes to MUSKIES. Fishing for these ďtoothy beastsĒ has provided musky anglers with very good action. We have been concentrating our efforts in weeds and rocky points. Iíve been finding many of these fish up shallow. Suicks have been my weapon of choice for these fish. They have been crushing these lures. Double bladed tinsel tails have also proven effective as of late. Iím getting excited about the fall sucker season Ė itís getting close. Iíve been tangling with some big fish while Iím walleye fishing so I canít wait to get back on them for real.
Well thatís all for now ----
Jeff Winters