Hi All,

Over the Holidays, while watching TV I have been seeing advertisements for a new Movie called "Curse of Oak Island". Frank do you know anything about this?

I only know of one place that is cursed on LOTW. Tyler and I call it "The Bay of Doom". It's off tranquil channel I think. We never go in there any more. It is spooky in there. It can be nice out but when you get to the back end of that bay, the skies darken, you feel a very gloomy threatening presence, like the very Devil himself is standing on the front deck. Then the wind howls and your baits get all hung up, placing the boat in a simultaneous vertical cartwheel, nearly dashing it up against rocks, in the most awkward and frightening positions. We got so scared we peeled out of there back into tranquil channel, where the weather was still sunny and calm.

Now, we stay away from there altogether. 2 years ago we were merely driving by the entry to "The Bay of Doom". My engine threw a crankshaft position sensor fault alarm and we had to limp back to Bay Store. The boat stayed at the dock the rest of the week. That is not where it ends though. This July, on day 1, we started fishing one of our smaller spots, not far from Bay Store. We put the trolling motor down, went about 100 feet, and the trolling motor quits. Dead. It had power, as the battery gauge on it was showing there was power. This had to be a latent curse left over from merely driving past "The Bay of Doom" the year prior.

The saving grace here was that the little general store not far from Young's bay, he had Just used up his last circuit board that I think we needed to repair it, so that option was out. However he had one and only one trolling motor in stock. He ordered it for a guy who never came and picked it up. It was EXACTLY what we needed, plus the I-Pilot (great tool). All we had to do was install the power plug. So 1600 bucks later we were back on the water.

Stay out of "The Bay of Doom". With all these weird experiences, I am not so sure I am going to watch Frank's new Documentary called "Curse of Oak Island". In fact - I don't even want to know what it is all about.

Stay out of "The Bay of Doom". You have been warned.