This has been quite the winter. If you look back in these Oak Haven fishing reports you'll see the ice went out on most area lakes a year ago on March 28th. Seems incredible doesn't it?

During April this year it seemed like the 5th day on the ten day forecast refused to arrive. It would say the 5th day would be 45 degrees or so, but when that 5th day arrived the high was around 34 and it was snowing. And overnight lows remained in the lower 20's, causing much concern for anglers scheduled to be in northern Minnesota on May 11th.

The latest ice out date on record is May 22, 1950. The average ice out date here is April 26th.

What's my prediction? I've gathered information from some area guides. Their ice out predictions ranged from May 5 to May 20. It appears we will get a substantial amount of rain over the next ten days. Debbie and I visibly studied Cass Lake, Andrusia Lake and Lake Bemidji today. It's my opinion that the ice here will be out on May 10th.

Our eleven cabins are full for opening week. (May 11-18) No one has cancelled. Our guests will most likely land their limits in Walleyes even if the ice goes out after May 10th. If you are tired of worrying about ice on the lakes, book with us next year and see what I'm talking about. Plus we still have some cabins available in late May this year. So stop worrying about ice and stay at Oak Haven.

If you're staying somewhere else this year starting May 11th, drive to Oak Haven and launch (for a fee) and see how you can get your six fish limit of Walleyes.