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Thread: Lake wisconsin poynette/lodi fishing questions????

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    Question Lake wisconsin poynette/lodi fishing questions????

    New guy here and wanted to check in and say hi! I started another thread here. http://www.outdoors911.com/reports/s...ad.php?t=17946 However it looks like the madison area is much closer to the lake I plan on fishing. As a kid I fished the main lake of Lake Wisconsin. My folks had a place in Harmony grove and also a place inside of Whalen's grade(camp ground) years ago. I found this site by doing a search looking for a place to stay.

    Getting ready to head up to the lake the second week of August and take my 13 year old son with me. I want to show my son a place I grew up fishing and hopefully relive some memories with my son Jacob. How has fishing been and how high is the water? I know that some decent storms have been traveling through the area and I'm curious as to what to expect.

    My father moved down to Arkansas a few years back and bought a new boat and I bought his old one off of him. 18' lund mr pike fisherman. I have a 90 horse Johnson to run with, a 9.9 to troll with and an electric troller mounted up front. This boat has been in the family for well over 20 years. I'm going to be running light on tackle because I am basically starting over getting back into the sport with my son.

    I have a few polls for basic walleye and crappie fishing. I also have a couple musky poles and a bunch of lures to fish musky and pike. However outside of that I will be picking up some stuff this week before we head up next week.

    I was planning on doing some walleye fishing. I was curious on what baits for walleyes would be good for this time of the year? Years ago when I fished this lake with my dad we used fat rapps or shad rapps when trolling. I would think these would still be good baits but what else would be good to use? I would like to pick up some stuff before we head up.

    I have a bunch of lures for musky and pike. I was thinking about getting some jigs and what not if we decide to do some drift fishing or some crappie, pearch or gill fishing. Any other advise would be great. I have not been up here since my son was born so I'm really stoked to get up and have some fun. Thank you for your time in advance! Vince

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    Hello Vince,

    I have done well the end of august and september trolling Fireline three-ways and leadcore Line on the river edges with #5 and #7 Standard and Jointed Shadraps in Chartruse/White, Blue/White,and Perch have been good for me. Also drifting/casting jigs/4" Gulp Minnows around and under piers like those in Moon Valley and around the Railroad Bridge. The water may be just a bit to warm to catch alot of walleyes at this time? I think alot of them are upriver living in the deeper faster water.
    Good Luck Always Try To Make It Have Fun.
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