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Dribbling past opponents in FIFA 23 has never been more important. Combined with some fancy footwork, players with enough practice can outmaneuver rivals through seamless dribbling without drawing any foul. So without further delay, in this article, letís find out who the top 5 best dribblers in FIFA 23 are.

Lionel Messi

The best dribblers in FIFA 23 are Lionel Messi. He brings an incredible amount of ball control. With a Dribbling score of 94, Messiís overall 91 Rating merges with skills above 90 in the Average Skill category, truly speaking to the massive talent he already has. With six goals and eight assists in 11 games, Messi has had a sturdy start to the new season. He is quite overpowered, but his card is very expensive. So, if you are lucky enough to get this card, you can easily outplay your opponentís defenders. His card is currently worth almost 1.9 million coins, which is a hefty price for any player in the game. If you lack coins, we recommend you buy FIFA 23 coins at U4gm, which are cheap and safe.

Neymar Jr

At the second position on our list is the Brazilian skill master Neymar who plays as a left winger for the famous Paris Saint Germain. We believe that you already might know all about this player, as he is pretty much up there on the list of the best players of all time. And his Dribbling Rating in FIFA is 93, while his overall rating is 89. But the Brazilian star went through a disappointing season last time. But he has been active in this campaign, securing eight goals and delivering seven assists in eight games.

Kylian Mbappe

The third on the list is Mbappe, the face of FIFA and Paris Saint Germain as he is of the French Football Team. Overall he is one of the best players in the world among the new generation and is already earning more than everyone just by deciding to stay at PSG. In FIFA 23, He is a 5-star skill move and 4-star weak foot rating with exceptional speed, 92 dribbling and 89 shooting. This makes him a deadly forward on the storm, capable of penetrating the strongest defenses. When it comes to Dribbling, his 93 Agility, 91 Ball Control, 93 Dribbling, and 93 Reaction Speed ​​really stand out the most.

Mohammed Salah

The Egyptianís lightning pace makes him a great player on the flank, and we donít need to explain how good a dribbler he is. He has 4-star skill moves and a 3-star weak foot rating and prefers his left foot for shooting. He has a 92 dribbling rating. But, Salahís strengths come from his consistency. While Messi has fantastic ball control and scoring, and Mbappe has raw speed, Salah has both in equal measure. Not as extreme, perhaps, but Salahís above-average skills make him supportive and reliable in more situations.

Marco Verrati

Next on the list is Verrati, an Italian Paris Saint Germain player with a Dribbling Rating of 91. Verrattiís use of his body makes him an excellent midfielder. His small stature and low gravity allow him to beat defenders in tight spaces. The Italian is also a playmaker who sets the gameís tone with his passing and dribbling abilities. He is one of Paris Saint-Germainís most important midfielders.

Simply put, if you want your team to succeed in FIFA 23, youíll need these best dribblers. Last, if youíre looking for more FIFA 23 coverage, check out our FIFA 23 page.