The bluegills are biting in the shallow water about 3-4 feet. The best approach is a single hook with a bobber, fishing red worms or leaf worms. The bluegills are a few weeks away from spawning due to the cool spring. Crappie fishing has been sporadic, some days they are biting well and the next day you’ll get skunked. The best success has been in the west side bays. The fish are suspended in 8-10 ft. of water. Two presentations have been producing the most fish. The first is a small Jig fished with a small Tube jig and twister tail, white/red and yellow seem to be the best colors. The second is slip bobber fishing for them with small minnows. Walleye fishing was kind of slow. Some nice fish were being caught on slip bobbers in 8-9 ft. of water. The fish are just ending their spawn and will start to move out onto the weed lines. The best bait for this week is large fat head minnows and Wacky Worm. The Largemouth Bass can be readily found in a spawn/post spawn pattern. The best depth is 3-4 ft. There was a lot of fish activity in the areas with a little current. Like the bluegills, the bass are spawning.