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    How to present a chronograph elegantly? master production Today I will bring you an "elegant" chronograph with a more prominent design. It is the CHRONOMASTER flagship series Open Happy cheap replica watches under the Swiss watch brand Zenith.

    When it comes to chronographs, we usually think of heavy and casual tool-type watches, but some powerful watchmaking brands are quite different. They prefer their watches, whether they are tool-type watches, Whether it is a sports watch or a sports watch, it can be perfectly combined with the word "elegant", so the high-end XX-style watches suitable for gentlemen have appeared. This kind of watches can not only meet the needs of daily functions, but also have a touch of modern elegance Charm, so as to truly show the production level of the big brand. The CHRONOMASTER flagship series Open happy watch brought to you today just fits.

    Zenith has always been an industry leader in the field of timing. Since the release of the "El Primero" movement in 1969, it has been committed to developing more powerful chronographs. Last year, the brand won the "Master of Chronographs" (chronographs). Master) reputation.replica men watch

    First of all, the CHRONOMASTER flagship series Open happy watch brought to you today is matched with an 18K rose gold watch. The refined and delicate precious metal case gives the watch a more noble and elegant business atmosphere. The brand provides three versions of this model, two of which are stainless steel cases with white\black dials, and the other is the 18K rose gold watch pictured above. The diameter of the watch is 39.5 mm, just right between the cuffs of a suit.

    Looking at the front of the watch, we can find that the biggest design highlight of this watch is the semi-perspective design on its dial. In 2003, Zenith brought a chronograph with a semi-open dial, which was also the first semi-open dial design in the history of watchmaking, which just proved Zenith's absolute confidence in the self-produced movement at that time , the design is quite bold. This luxury fake watches has been fully optimized in the continuation of the semi-perspective window opening style: the brand uses a synthetic crystal small dial to display the silicon star-shaped escape wheel (9 o'clock position) in the device; Lishi also changed the inlaid "frame" in the previous representative model, and instead adopted a round window with chamfered edges, which has a better overall sense of transparency and a more modern style.

    In order to highlight its simple and modern beauty, Zenith has equipped this watch with a white disc surface with a matte texture. The matte disc surface is equipped with 18K rose gold three-dimensional inlaid hour markers, hour hands, minute hands, and chronograph hands. The gold shells complement each other. In addition, this watch also follows Zenith's iconic "three-color dial" design. In addition to the redesigned see-through small seconds dial at 9 o'clock, the hour counter at 6 o'clock and the dial at 3 o'clock The 60-second chronograph dial is decorated with a spiral pattern, and the chronograph division is clearer.

    The bottom of the replica watches adopts a back-through design. Through the see-through window on the dial, you can look directly into the interior with a strong sense of transparency. It is equipped with ElPrimero3604 movement inside. This movement has a timing accuracy of 1/10 second and a high-vibration escapement mechanism of 5 Hz. The central chronograph hand can circle the disk every 10 seconds (the maximum scale of the outer ring is 10), which is highly recognizable. The movement is also equipped with a horizontal clutch, column wheel and ball bearings, and a balance wheel stop device (stop seconds device), which has excellent performance. After the full string, the dynamic storage can reach 60 hours, and the waterproof depth can reach 100 meters.

    Zenith's elegantly designed CHRONOMASTER flagship series Open Happy watch is excellent in both appearance and performance. The simple and clear panel layout, groundbreaking semi-perspective design and elegant appearance style fully demonstrate the unique charm of advanced watchmaking under the slender and elegant case.best watch replicas in the world
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