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    After a horrific morning of fishing on Wednesday, Thursday's action picked up (SOME). My guests and I were greeted with clear blue sky's on Wednesday along with flat water and a major mayfly hatch. We tried all different areas and structures and pretty much wasted our time, small fish at best along with a little pike action, we called it a day at 1 PM and tried again yesterday, much better action, thank God. With the aid of a little cover and SW winds we done fairly well, walleyes were once again on the slow side, did pick up 7 but only two keepers but we done well on some very nice panfish including perch, bluegills and crappie, even threw a few big rock bass in the mix per guests request. A ton of pike again, boy what a year with them, they are everywhere and are hungry, also boated some nice smallies. All the fish were caught om 1/16th ounce jigs tipped with 1/2 crawler, fatheads, or leeches and all came from 4 foot of water around weeds and shoreline brush.

    No trips planned for awhile, need a break, time to sneak out by myself to relax.

    Don's Guide Service
    Don Pemble

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    "A ton of pike again, boy what a year with them......"

    I am hundreds of miles from the TFF and the pike are going nuts here also. Catching 20 pike for every walleye or crappie; but the good news is all wallaye have been over 15" here and all crappie have been over 13". Quality fish if you can put up with the slimmers. Been fishing a small flowage about 5% the size of the TFF.

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