It is great fun when there is action in multiple species. The boat traffic is intense but if you fish early, you should have a lot of fun.
Largemouth bass are still active in the shallows. Use Senko or Floating worms for the most action. With the warmer weather the fish should be pulling off the bank in the next week or so. This is when the deep weed line bite should be on.
Smallmouth bass are also on the deep weed line in the 20-22 foot range. I havenít been catching a lot they have been quality fish on night crawlers fished on a split shot or lindy rig.
Crappies have been beginning to bite. The crappies Iíve been catching are off the weed line in 12-14 ft of water. They are suspended right above the weeds. Small plastics have been producing for me. The best color is chartreuse or purple.
Bluegills are spawning in 3 to 8 feet of water. Trout worms are the answer fished on a small split- shot. Flat In front of the grey condos has been a good spot

Walleyes have started to bite. The best depth for me has been 18-22 ft. on the outside of the weed edge. My legal fish have been coming off of lindy rigged nightcrawlers. Some fish have also come off of fat head minnows. The best spot has been by points or by the Island on the west end.