We had a pretty solid day of fishing on Saturday with several smallies in the 4 to 6 pound range. Sunday was much tougher for us as we struggled to put 2 in the net before quitting early. Weather-wise, we thought Sunday would be a much better day since we had wind, clouds and humidity. Saturday’s pattern certainly wasn’t happening for us on Sunday. We had a big chop in the Bay and decided to not make a big run to the mouth of the bay. Our stubbornness may have cost us some fish but we wanted to maximize our fishing time. We saw 1 other boat pull the net on Sunday.

We were a bit early for the major bass migration but there were still some incredible bass to be had.

I will definitely be fishing this weekend but just not sure what species we will be chasing yet. River levels will determine that so we just gotta wait and see.

Good luck and stay tuned!