Water temperatures determine where the fish will be this time of year most fish are in shallow back bays, look for the warmest water temps in the lake from 62-65 degrees for the best action.
The Madisonís Lakes both Monona and Waubesa are crappies were hitting as soon as the water hit 52 degrees as of last week. The biggest crappies will be done by 62 degrees and the smaller ones will move in for those looking for panfish. expects the water to warm this week for Saturdayís opener with pike in 6-7 feet in weed flats; largemouth in pre-spawn in 3-4; walleye in 6-8 (best in low light); and panfish are good (bluegills are in 3-4 foot.

LAKE GENEVA expects the water to remain cool. The best bite will be in 4-5, where the perch are with largemouth shallow, pike scattered in weed flats in 6-7 and smallmouth suspended in 12-15 foot depth using a Carolina and Texas rigged crayfish plastic imitation or hair jig.

Delavan Lake is known as one of the best fishing lakes. Since it will also be one of the busiest lakes on opening day. The crappie has been pretty good for the first few weeks of April. The best depth is in the 8-12 foot depth range. I like mini-mites or small plastics curly tails in red white. Walleyes in early May are shallow. Delavan is very clear this time of year and that can make the walleyes a bit skittish. The fish are in the emerging weeds in 5 to 10 feet of water. Night or low light conditions produce the most fish. Trolling shallow diving crankbaits typically produces the most fish.
Largemouth bass will be cruising the shallows in pre-spawn. The best approach is Yum Dingers fished Texas rigged in 3-5 feet of water near the outlet and by Lake Lawn Lodge.