We launched the boat at 26 degrees Saturday morning and made a chilly run to the first spot. Within 40 minutes, we had a hot mid-40ís fish rush the boat and did 2 fig-8ís before sliding under the boat. The guys kept figure-8ing and 2 seconds later, the fish smacked Willieís Rig Boss 12 feet away.. 2 headshakes later, she was gone. 100 yards later, another nice fish smacked a smaller Rig Boss and after a nice gator roll, she was gone. 45 minutes later, Willie had the same RB get eaten by a mid-30ís fish. As I grabbed the net, that fish was gone too. All of our action was in the first 2 hours.....The last 6 ended up being a very successful arm workout with some associated back pain as well.

No fishing for me today. My oldest headed back to college and I got things ready for 4 straight days of fishing coming up during this vacation. Tomorrow, Mike will chase muskies on the fly and I will try out my new shoulder on the Big Nasty and see what happens.

Good luck and stay safe!