Tom and I left no stone unturned during our 8.5 hour musky sprint to the finish line. We decided to cover as much water as possible while only using 2 different baits. We picked 1 shallow and 1 deeper running lure, and off we went.

After an upper 30ís fish made 2 laps around with Tomís fig-8 around 9:05, Tom sticks a mid-30 fish at 9:30. Then, I had a nice fish eat my Medussa and after a few head shakes, she was gone. 45 minutes later, Tom hooks-up and loses another decent fish. Around noon, Tom sticks a very fat 43Ē musky on a Rig Boss 7. Tom also picked up a smallish pike at 1:30 and then we moved on to the spot where Tom had his first fish sighting of the day. Tom has another follow in the exact spot and he thinks it was the same fish. Once again, Tom couldnít get him to eat and thatís how the story ends.

After a last minute check of Sundayís forecast, we decided to cancel todayís Kinzua Reservoir musky hunt. The rain really wasnít the issue but the high winds can really knock around a shallow drafting jet boat so we scrapped the plans.

It sure was weird waking up this morning and not seeing darkness for a change.🙂

Now, it is time for (hopefully) my last leaf-blowing session of the year.

Good luck and stay tuned!