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Thread: Lake Delavan, Geneva, and the Madison Chain of Lakes

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    The recent really hot weather patterns have fish setting up in traditional summer patterns. We have been finding largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and pan fish in the deep weeds at fifteen to twenty foot depth range. Been catching them while casting a split shot/night crawler and leeches in times of difficult bites, When the fish are biting good on texas rigged a drop shot four inch finesse worm in green pumpkin or blue flack. Bluegills and crappie are in weeds 12 -15 ft of water and suspender 10- 15' of water in 30' to 50' ft. of water. a crawler chunk or red and purple plastics was producing most of the action. Walleye fishing has been slower been catching a few on shot rigged night crawler in the weeds 12 to 18 ft. and along the deeper weed lines with rocks on mid lake rock structures.
    Today's Tip: "Finding the right weed cover on the right structure is key not all weeds hold fish." Find the right stuff and you'll find the fish."

    711/18 Lake Geneva A.M. partly sunny 85 degrees, SW winds, water temps 80, Caught a bunch of bluegill pumpkinseeds and perch only fished for a couple of hours.

    7/12/18 Lake Mendota A.M., sunny, 80 degrees, SE winds at 10 mph, water temp 79 degrees. 11 smallmouth, 2 largemouth 2 walleye and a few of bluegills. We fished weed lines in 12-20 ft of water. We used slip bobbers and drop shot rigged night crawlers and leeches. We fished Warner Bay, Gov Inland, 2nd Point Burly St bar, and city shorelines.

    713/18 Lake Delavan A.M. Sunny 85 , SW winds , water temps 80. Caught 20 largemouth 2 smallmouth Most caught on drop shot and plastics, or texas rigged plastics.

    7/14/18 Lake Delavan A.M. cloudy, S E winds, Water temps 81. Caught 10 bass, and a few perch along with a few of bluegills. Short two hour trip. Weed less drop shot shot crawlers & leeches worked best near the Village Supper Club, Ash Pile West of Willow Point.

    7/15/18 Lake Mendota A.M. cloudy, S winds, water temps 80. Caught 13 smallmouth bass, 1 walleye, some bluegills and a few perch along the deep weed lines 12-20 feet of water. Weed less rigged split shot and drop shot crawlers & leeches worked best near warner bay, maple bluff, gov inland, and city shoreline.
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