With all the bad Weather we have had its been hard to put two days in a row fishing. But when you do get out on the water its been great After our last snow storm hits tonight the weather is finally going to warm up. The walleyes are spawning right now which is the normal time for that to happen and when that is over they are going to be hungry. The end of April starts the best fishing of the year.May will be a fantastic time for you and your friends to take a guided fishing trip of a lifetime.We still have some days available on one of our guide boats so give us a call.

For those of you that must fish on their own bring jigs,crankbaits,and lite bottom bouncers. all three presentation work this time of the year. Pull cranks deep along channel edges Jig current breaks or pull bouncers on shallow mud flats with minnows. If you are looking for lodging I recommend Lees Best western in Chamberlain . Everything you need is right there.

See you on the river

PS Reports are that the Minnesota Walleye opener will probably require an ice auger. I really hope not Lots of people plan a big trip and unsafe ice can be a bummer. But what wrong with a minn. opener fishing trip is SD