7/19/17 A.M.. Lake Geneva A..M. 5 hour trip, sunny, 75 degrees, SW winds at 5-10 mph, water temp 72 degrees. Caught 8 largemouth bass, one walleye, two pike, and a few perch and bluegills. We fished weed lines around a lot of main lake points in 15 - 22 ft of water. We used drop shot rigged night crawlers and leeches out from Fontana Beach, Rainbow Point, and Cedar Point.

7/20/17 Lake Geneva, A.M. four hour trip, partly sunny, 85 degrees, light wind, water temp 74 degrees. Caught 1 smallmouth bass and 12 largemouth bass, and many bluegills, rock bass for a family fish fry in 13 to 22 ft of water. Best fishing in areas next to deep drop offs with sand to rock, and weeds present with a drop shot rigged night crawlers and leeches out from the Yacht Club, Black Point, Maytag Point.

721/17 Lake Delavan, A.M. 2 hour trip, sunny, 79 degrees, winds -5 E, New anglers fishing the with weed edges with a dragging drop shot rigged night crawlers and leeches. Caught 2 walleye, 3 largemouth bass, 4 bluegills, 1 crappie.

7/22/17 Lake Delavan, A.M. 4 hour trip, partly cloudy, 70 degrees, light winds, fishing was best in area with weed pockets in 5-8 feet of water. Caught a mixed bag of 3 walleye, 6 large mouth, 2 small mouth, and a few bluegills, and crappie for our fish fry.