The fishing is very good on lake Sharpe near chamberlain and Pierre SD. Our guide boats are catching near 70 fish a day some days even more. Walleyes are our bread and butter but also lots of smallmouth bass are also taken each day. Both minnow and crawlers are working well with a spinner. the depth changes every day depending on how strong the wind is. The fish are being caught in as little as 5ft of water down to 18ft. hhere is a tip, A lot of anglers fish walleyes too slow this time of the year, pick up your speed to at least 1 and a 1/2 mph for more fish and bigger fish. People ask me all the time when is my favorite time of the year to catch the most fish ,well its coming up right now. Late June and all of July are by far the best time to fish both lake Shsrpe and Lake Oahe for walleye. To prove it we are offering a special deal on our guide services. Starting July 1st though July 20th 2017 We will guarantee limits of walleye every day you are here .I Some conditions do apply so call for more details. I have faith that we can provide you with a fishing trip of a lifetime so call now.

See You On The River

Capt. Dave Dahl