Its hard to believe that we can look foward to a better year in 2016 than we had in 2015. Last year our guides took limits of nice walleyes for every one of the 1700 people we took fishing except for 3 weather related days. So how is 2016 going to be better? I think we will see alot more larger fish starting in the spring on Lake Francis Case in Chamberlain. This october and november we were overrun with 3lb walleyes and saugereyes in numbers that I havent seen before. when the ice comes off in the Spring they will still be there waiting for the spawning season in mid april. Also Last year the fishing on Lake sharpe in may and june produced huge numbers of walleyes everyday but a lot of them were just a little short. With the amount of shad in the lake during the fall and winter that problem will go away. I look foward to Lake Sharpe being a fantastic numbers factory full of 2 to 3 lb walleyes. Catch rates of near 100 fish per day will finally be back like the good old days.I saved the best for last. Over the last few years Lake Oahe has been in a rebuilding mode. Its past reputation was a great place to catch 20inch plus walleyes every day. Because of the food base finally back to normal over the last couple of years the walleyes have been growing and growing. we are going to see limits every day that any angler can be proud of. Does this sound good? it will be, all you have to do to be part of it is to give us a call and make your reservation for a fishing trip of a lifetime. Leave it all up to us , no hassles, great fishing and lodging all included. We take care of every thing for you. thanks

See you on the river

Dave Dahl