If you have been reading my past Reports for this year you might have noticed that I have used adjectives like fantastic, great, unbeivable ,etc to describe the fishing on the Missouri river lakes in South Dakota. today I have a new one its simply amazing. Every person we have taken out this year has caught dozens of walleyes each day and gone home with their limits. We are a fairly large service with 8 great guides going out every day so thats a lot of people since may 1st. Today we knew we would have a weather shortened day but we put boat in at the little bend boat ramp on lake oahe and crossed to the mouth of the cheyenne River and in less than 2 hrs caught 12 walleyes between 17 and 21 inches and hustled back to the ramp before we got wet. Yesterday we went to lake Sharpe caught 60 fish in five hrs and wore out 4 kids between the ages pf 7 and 12. Sent them home with 20 nice walleyes. Anyway you put it thats simply amazing. We can give your family, a group of friends or you and you wife a fishing trip of a lifetime just call us at 6053661875 we will be glad to heip you .

tips on Lake Sharpe fish are shallow 6 to 8 ft on the flats On lake oahe the fish start shallow 6 to 10 ft early in morning but quickiy drop off th 16 to 20 ft as the sun gets high. also leave the minnows home it a crawler bite

See you on the river

Dave Dahl