Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Fishing on the entire river system is excellent from Lake Oahe at Pierre SD to Lake Francis Case at Platte, SD. It is great walleye fishing! I have personally been on all three reservoirs in the last week and there are walleyes everywhere. In Lake Oahe the traditional areas of the mouth of the Cheyenne and the areas around Bush's landing are going strong. The Westbend area of Lake Sharpe has very nice walleyes and smallmouth bass. Fishing is still going strong on Lake Francis Case with the areas of the White River, Elm Creek and the Red Rock area near Platte all good areas. This is going to be a great year. The huge snow pack which is just coming into the reservoir and the rains down in Missouri and Kansas are creating higher than normal water levels which will extend the season and we should see great fishing all the way through July. TIP OF THE DAY - Stay shallow. The fish can be found in four feet of water (ten maximum).If you are looking for a fishing trip of a lifetime consider this- We have sent 100% of our clients home with their possession limits this year. Give us a call at 605-366-1875. We have the best guides on the water to give you the best fishing experience posssible! See ya on the river! Dave