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Thread: 12-21-12 Eagle River Area Ice Conditions

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    Default 12-21-12 Eagle River Area Ice Conditions

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    Well, looks like the Mayans were wrong, might as well go fishing, hahahaha!

    Lake ice in our area has been slow to form this season, at this writing we have 4-5in of ice in general around the area. Our smaller to medium size lakes are fairly good to go, I'd excerise some caution if trying to get out on one of our bigger lakes, they may have some thinner ice. We had some excellent mobility on the ice up to 12-20, a minor storm dropped about 4in of snow on the lakes yesterday but it shouldn't be terrible to get around out there. Its been cold enough at night to slowly make new ice, the new snowfall may slow that down some.

    I've mostly been panfishing (gills/crappies) so far this season, got out once for pike and once for walleye. The panfish were very cooperative, feeding in their usual winter haunts, the holes and deeper flats of lake basins. I've used mostly wax worms on tiny jigs but have dabbled with little minnows under bobbers and tip-downs which have also produced fish. As usual, I'll catch my bigger crappies n gills by holding the bait above them and letting them come up, if I drop right down on them they scatter or all I get is the "dinkers". ALL my eating size fish have come by inticing them from above. Good electronics and mobility will give you the best results.

    As mentioned, I haven't done a lot of pike/walleye fishing yet but... the pike are "no-brainers", fish shallower weeds and the edges of weeds with a shiner, under a tip-up, and you'll get pike. We got two really nice pike (28-30in) one afternoon just setting up on the "Bullpen" area of the Eagle River Chain. Easy location + 3 tip-ups = "no-brainer" pike!

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    One evening I went for walleye, my first real targeting of walleye this season, and surprisingly had action in 30ft of water after dark. I had lines set at 15, 22, and 30ft, just to explore and see where the fish might feed at. The shallower flags never went up but the deep water flag hit 3 times. I caught one walleye that evening, nothing huge (15in) but it gives me a starting point to continue looking. I'm looking forward to getting back to try this area again. I was just using small shiners, set a foot or two off bottom. Again, its not rocket science.

    Be careful as you begin venturing out, check your ice. I wouldn't suggest 4-wheelers yet, give it a week or so. You may see an ATV out but he probably has better insurance than you... let him be the lab rat. Good luck and good fishin'!

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    Great report Matt!!! Got out a bunch last week, not much action other than Tuesday where the perch were a little bit excited.


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