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Thread: report for first week of July

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    Default report for first week of July

    How are things at camp ? And of course the fishing report?

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    What is the fishing report for the first half of july? Bill aulenbach

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    Well as we speck it is 90deg here water temps 77deg and trhe muskie fishing has been tough seeing some fish and lots of vacant water.Was out with Silvia Spitzer on the 14Th saw 7 and she boated a fat 47 in 2ft of water on a Boo Dadley buck tail.Aparty of four were Walleye fishing today in the heat and hammerd them this am and had a great shorelunch.The Large and Smallmouth have really been going in this warm weather. Was trout fishing with Phil and his wife JoAnn jigging for them 40 to 80 ft with the River 2 Sea lures caught several and she caught a 18lb er quite the battle it was great so for now that's about it please keep posting and we will be here. Lynn Don Paul and Maggi
    Don and Lynn Pursch
    Nielsen's Fly-In Lodge
    Rowan Lake, Nestor Falls, Ontario
    Website: http://www.nielsensflyinlodge.com
    Phone: 800-653-5946

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