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    Planning on hitting the spillway Sunday the 27th. They're finally cutting back the gates, and regardless of the cold front moving in, it's muskie huntin time.

    For those of you curious, yes, up until the last few weeks of high outflow, I have caught fish. Granted the water has been cold, and the bite short and once or twice a day, but they are there. Looking forward to seeing a few of you down there.

    Now if you haven't received your email yet, we've moved the bulk of the website over to our own server. We have changed our domain as well. Please visit us at http://www.lakeshelbyvillemuskie.com. We are excited about the new site, and though it is still being polished, it's getting a good start. As of today we haven't gotten the bulletin board software uploaded and configured, but you can email me at info@lakeshelbyvillemuskie.com to submit content such as images, reports, and comments until we do.

    Please bear with us until the dust settles...and I look forward to seeing you on the water.


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    Default Hello All

    Hi Vincent,

    Im new here as well Ive just started writing again and am experimenting at the moment

    Nice to meet you all and I look forward to chatting with you soon

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