The Hulcano Harnesses originated from an all fluoro sucker rig that we had been using for a while with great success. Mike wasnt comfortable with the idea of using all fluoro at the time, so in developing the rig that he wanted to put his name on we added the wire section to the rig according to the specs he wanted as far as hook placement, hook size etc. Pretty simple. After 5 years of use and a ton of fish I have decided to release my all fluoro Stealth Rigs for sale which we started selling last year. I can honestly tell you we have had great success along with ZERO failures on this rig, and you may have also seen it featured a few times on Musky Hunter TV.

I also believe all of our rigs are the simplest rigs to use from a rigging standpoint, based on the fact that all you have to do is put in your lip hook, treble hook, set it in the water and your ready to go. No tools, No rubberbands, no clips no wires and nothing to thread. you can literally rig your sucker with your gloves on! There are alot of nice rigs out there to choose from and as Ive always said, if sucker fishing is something you are going to take seriously and do often, take the time to do some experimenting with different rigs and use the one/brand/type you are most comfortable with that works good for you.

I would like to say that the new Shumway rig looks really nice and I think they hit a home run with that one! The Maina and Herbie rigs also work well, the Psycho rigs are built solid etc etc. Lots of nice homemade rigs out there too. Whatever rig you decide to use I hope you consider supporting the legit tackle companies and dealers out there, who help support our industry.

Thanks to all of you who use our rigs and products, and say such good things about them on the various message boards. I really appreciate the continued support, and consider my customer base the most important asset of my company.