The walleyes have shifted into more of a hatch bite presentation as the water temps are getting into the high 60 and low 70's on most area lakes. There are still some big deep clear lakes that are in the low 60's. The two different bites that have worked are ones that are extremely shallow in 1-3 feet of water with little minnows and leeches. Look for the mayfly to be popping out of the water in these shallow areas and you will find fish. The second method is open water jigging. These fish are out over open water flats where mayfly also hatch. The method to fishing these is use the 1 sec per foot rule and let the jig fall. I have been letting the jig get about 3/4 of the way to the bottom and then start working it back very quickly with very fast snaps to the jigging motion it is tough to do but will work. Since there is no trolling allowed for these fish you cover water and it is effective.

Good luck!