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Thread: Well, got the new boat out

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    Default Well, got the new boat out

    New for me anyway. I totally cleaned my new boat out, put a new rubber mat on the front nose and mounted my terrova 80 and hooked up the depth finder to it, cleaned the carpet, livewells, motor well and shined it all up nice.

    Then I took it to Barbee and drove it through the muck, lol. Those lakes are seriously disgusting right now, but at least everything worked out all right on the boat and me and halfpint enjoyed a nice afternoon on the water playing around on the boat. Can't wait to fish it hard here soon, but unfortunately, some people think this is a great time for weddings, so I'm not going to be able to go out for a while. Don't get me started on friggin weddings, cause I can go on and on about selfish people and weddings always happening in may and october. Why don't you just force me to spend the best times of the year sitting inside and appreciating your special day....bah humbug.

    Anyway, now that I got myself started and finished, I'm going to post a couple pics of the new boat which will be known as Lilly (as in Toad's Lilly Pad) and if you happen to see me out there sometime, give me a shout out.

    (And now you can't make fun of me anymore Routt, so I hope you enjoyed yourself for the past couple years....)

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    Very Clean and..very nice...way to go man.......just do not sit on a hook

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    Me stop making fun of you, never. There'll always be something to joke about.
    Nothing but compliments on the new rig, it'll be a great boat for you guys.

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    Yeah, I didn't think about that PGA, probably should keep some maxi pads in the boat somewhere. Don't want to get blood stains on the carpet, now, do I. Maybe the kind with wings would be good......

    So this is a personal grudge that had nothing to do with me being a boatless freak then JOhn? You mean I went out and spent all that money for nothing?!!!

    Well bring it on then, I can take whatever you got. Just don't call me Betty and I won't call you Al.

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    super sweet boat Toady...i love the lay out.
    1. Single cousel..great for musky fising
    2. HUGE front deck
    3. Nice big back deck
    4. cool little side deck..i'm sure that's great to cast from and to work a big fish. that side deck actually looks pretty big.
    5. looks like it will sit low enough for great Figure 8's.
    6. Nice trolling motor
    7. it does NOT have Merc!! smart move(oops..was i not supposed to say that??)

    super sweet buy..good for you. i read on another post that you lauched without your drain plug!! HA HA HA..i have done that plenty of times....it's always a fun time.."why wont my boat plane out? why is my bildge pumping so much water?"..ha..good times.

    So...are you going to mount 60" rails and get some rail mount down easts? or just mount them flush to the gunnels? or say SCREW THE SUCKERS AND TROLLING?? you could get the rails, put the tracks on top the rails and get slides to mount the down east on so you have more versatility..that's the route i would go..
    blah blah

    Nice Freaking boat dude...i'm next in line for a boat ride...(hell, even catch a fish???) sweet meat and neat

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    Nice lookin' boat Toad! :thumbsup:

    Nice 'n clean.

    Welcome to the joys and expenses of boat ownership. It's kinda like homeownership.

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    Thanks guys, it sure is nice to have one of my own finally. I don't know how I'm going to mount the rod holders yet, Tomkat, but I'll figure it out eventually. We definitely need to hit the water though, I think I owe you a few trips out. When is the next hurricane?

    It sure is nice though Tomkat, knowing that I have autopilot right away.

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    It sure is nice though Tomkat, knowing that I have autopilot right away.[/QUOTE]

    ha ha ha..you got me...that's a good one.. ..FOR THE RECORD, i did not order auto pilot...i ordered a 80 pound PD with Universal Sonar,not an 80 pound PD with AP (auto pilot)...hhmm.." i wonder what this button is for? why does it say auto pilot here?"

    yea...as soon as i see a hurrican making it to land or a typhoon, i'll give ya a call. i'm not fishing with you unless is MINIMUM 30 MPH winds, gusts up to 40 and constant rain and or sleet.

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    Don't forget, we need to bunk at the best meth hotel we can find. One that has been upgraded so that it has at least 12 or more tv channels.

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    Nice boat, Toad! Congratulations!

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    Well thanks STephendawg...it's been nice to be a genuine boat owner for the past year. I even get to tell halfpint to shape up or swim now instead of the other way around, lol. We have more room to fish though so we have to yell louder at each other to make ourselves heard. But we were up to these new challenges. I still like to get out in Halfpints nymph though, it still is a great boat and we still have caught more fish out of it than mine. Wonder if it's because we tend to stick on spots longer because it takes time to move to other spots. Probably. Or maybe it's because Halfpint is better at boat control.....no way, what am I thinking, that can't be it. It's the first thing, I'm sure. You been out this spring?

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    Thumbs up nice boat

    Man that boat is ALL deck! Looks very purposeful, and cool. I just switched from a canoe to a small motor boat, so I feel your joy. Nice boat...

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    The more I learn about motor boats, the more I love my canoe!

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