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Thread: Adam LaPorte Passes away

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    Smile Adam LaPorte Passes away

    We are very saddened to loose one of our best friends and fellow Muskie Guide.
    Adam along with his Dog Bailey, were going out on the St. Louis River Saturday Morning, Ice fishing and his truck fell through the ice and was not able to be saved.
    For those who knew him he was one of the most decicated fisherman and would always give the shirt off his back to help you out.

    Adam is survived by his wonderful girlfriend Angie, her kids, his parents, his brother & two sisters.

    He will be missed by all that knew him.

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to his friends & family.

    Love you man, see you in Muskie Heaven

    Dustin Carlson & Pete Brzezinski & Bob Benson
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    Dustin Carlson
    Northland Muskie Adventures
    Website: http://www.northlandmuskieadventures.com

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    It was utter shock, when Dustin called me yesterday. I met Adam on a Vermilion trip 4 years ago, and my wife and I fished a number of times with him during the seasons since. Either our boat, or his, he always had time to 'jump in', even on short notice. He was simply unselfish, for which my circle of friends and I owe alot to him for. Though I only knew him for a few short fishing seasons, it was evident early on that he had a rare/special fishing 'mind'. He had 'it' which was reinforced by the quiet and consistant Musky production on waters all over WI, MN, and Ontario, production that is unmatched by most. We are saddened by this loss, and our thoughts/prayers go especially out to Ang, the kids and his family.

    Jason and Monica Schillinger
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    Default Newspaper article about Adam Laporte

    Adam K. LaPorte’s friends remembered the Superior resident this morning as a helpful, friendly man passionate about fishing and the outdoors.

    LaPorte, 37, drowned in the St. Louis River Saturday after his vehicle broke through the ice near Kilner Bay, off the Superior Municipal Forest south of Billings Park.

    LaPorte, a professional muskie guide during the summer, was leading three men in separate vehicles to a crappie fishing spot in Kimballs Bay when his Jeep broke through the ice, friend and fellow muskie guide Dustin Carlson said.

    The men following LaPorte reported the accident shortly after 7 a.m.

    “He knew the St. Louis like the back of his hand,” Carlson said. “He was in that exact same spot, driving, a week before.”

    Carlson visited the site of Saturday’s accident with LaPorte’s family on Sunday.

    “There’s over 2 feet of ice, and literally 3 feet away there was just a skim of ice and you could see the water underneath,” he said.

    Rescue personnel reached the spot where LaPorte’s SUV broke through and sank in 12 to 14 feet of water about 8 a.m., after having to shuttle divers to the location using ATVs and snowmobiles.

    “One of my sergeants was the first one in the water, and he could only get within 20 or 30 feet [of where the vehicle broke through] because the ice was only an inch thick there,” Superior Police Department Capt. Chad La Lor said. “A lot of times the divers will go right through the hole the vehicle made. He could not get anywhere near that close.”

    Visibility at the river’s bottom was zero, forcing the divers to work totally by feel as they recovered LaPorte’s body.

    The accident also killed LaPorte’s dog, Bailey.

    “She fished every day with him,” Carlson said.

    A licensed guide for more than 17 years, LaPorte grew up in Vilas and Oneida counties in Northeastern Wisconsin. He had lived in Superior for several years. Last year he joined forces with fellow muskie guides Carlson of Duluth, Pete Brzezinski of Superior and Bob Benson of Chetek, Wis., to form Northland Muskie Adventures last year to guide anglers in Northeastern Minnesota and Northwestern Wisconsin.

    “He would do anything for you,” a shaken Brzezinski said of LaPorte, who had been over Thursday to help hang drywall in Brezinski’s basement. “He would work a full day and then come over and help.”

    Brzezinski said LaPorte worked well with people.

    “He was second to none, top-notch” when guiding, he said.

    “Part of guiding is educating people,” Carlson said. “He was a great instructor. He loved teaching people about the outdoors in general, not only about muskie fishing, but just about anything. ”

    “You don’t like to think about it, but if Adam was going to go out and pass away, he was doing what he loved to do. He was going out fishing,” Carlson said.

    Authorities are reminding people to be extremely cautious when deciding whether to drive vehicles onto ice. Ice conditions — especially on rivers and areas with springs and currents — can be very unpredictable.
    Dustin Carlson
    Northland Muskie Adventures
    Website: http://www.northlandmuskieadventures.com

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    Default Laporte.

    My life will never be the same with Adam gone. He was the type of friend that a person gets once in a life time. From his ability to work hard to solving so many things, where to fish, which tree to sit, to the problems in everyday life, truley one of a kind. Words can't describe. If you didn't know him I'm sorry that you never got the chance, but then again I don't know who didn't. Bailey was a charactor just the same, if Adam was around you knew she wasn't far behind. A hell of a bird dog as well as a friend. I'll miss you both as well as many others. Adam, keep the wind in your face and the sun on your back. Set hard and shoot straight. Bailey, may the sun be warm and the birds be plenty. Love you

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    Default Adam laPorte

    Very upsetting news that Adam passed away.My brother and I went out with Adam in Late september and he got me the biggest muskie of my life,a 49 3/4 inch out of the river.Everything about that day on the water was great.He taught us a a handful of stuff that I definetly wont forget.My bro & I have been out with a few guides before but none like Adam LaPorte. Adam will be very missed by the twins, Talor &Colin Murphy

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    Unhappy one year

    Well, its been a year since Adam and Bailey have past. It has been a tough year, I sit here this morning not really knowing what to write, not sure if I can. A person trys to pick himself up and dust himself off but you can't. I miss standing in my kitchen, bullshitting about nothing having a beer and hearing that laugh (those of you that know,...know I miss going out fishing in the mornings before work during the week, pounding out a limit of eyes by 6:30am and being to work by 7:00am. I miss sitting at Vermilion Dam Lodge, after getting beat up by 3 footers all day in the end of October. I miss grouse hunting with Bailey, driving two rut trails in September. I miss winter snow storms when school was canceled and Adam would take off work to stay home with the kids. One wonders why, why does it happen, why so fast why so soon. I look back and am thankfull for the short time all the memories and friends that I've made because of him. You are still missed buddy.

    Pete Brzezinski
    Northland Muskie Adventures Guide Service
    (715) 574-1813
    Website: http://www.northlandmuskieadventures.com

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