Fishing for nearly all species is good to very good, with crappie and bluegill action really starting to heat up with the spawning season. Walleye fishing is still good, pike are always eating, and bass, both largemouth and smallmouth are starting to show increased activity, with spawning at the top of their top agenda.
Musky season in the Northern Musky Zone opens May 27.
Quick reminder that smallmouth bass harvest season in the Northern Bass Zone does not open until June 17, but it is legal to target them for catch-and-release fishing until that time.

Walleye fishing slowed a bit, but it is still good to very good, and fish in the deep, clear lakes are starting to recover from their spawning efforts. In other lakes, they have started to disperse and move to deeper water. Look for fish from very shallow out to 17 feet or so, on shorelines with gravel, new weeds, and reeds. Top producing baits include walleye suckers, fatheads, leeches, and crawlers on jigs and/or slip bobber rigs, jerkbaits, and trolled stickbaits and crankbaits.

Northern Pike:
Northern pike action is good in and around shallow weeds, muddy back bays, and concentrations of panfish and baitfish. Northern suckers, jigs and minnows, chubs, crankbaits, spinners, spinnerbaits, and spoons are all working well.

Largemouth Bass:
Largemouth bass fishing is fair to good as the bass start moving toward shallow bays to spawn. Live bait, plastics, spinners, spinnerbaits, and chatterbaits can all entice largemouth at this time.

Smallmouth Bass:
Smallmouth bass fishing is fair to good as they begin their spawning move to shallow bays. For now, look for them on mid-depth to shallow rock and sand points and shorelines. Live bait, plastics, jigs, crankbaits, chatterbaits, spinnerbaits, and drop-shot rigs are all productive. Remember that smallmouth bass harvest season in the Northern Bass Zone does not open until June 17 and fishing is catch-and-release only until that time.

Crappie fishing is very good to excellent for fish preparing for or starting to spawn. Find them in shallow bays and around weeds, reeds, and fallen timber along shorelines. Cast into those areas from a distance. Baits of choice include crappie minnows, fatheads, plastics, and Gulp! Minnows on jigs and plain hooks, fished with/without bobbers.

Bluegill fishing is very good to excellent, with fish moving toward the shallows, 3-5 feet, for spawning when water temperatures reach the necessary level. Waxies, worms, leaf worms, and small minnows on small jigs and plain hooks, Bimbo Skunk baits, and Gulp! baits are all great offerings.