Muskie fishing season on open water continues through December 31, but it is illegal to fish for them using ice as a platform. Some anglers continue their quest on what open water remains, with most trolling big baits in 8-25 feet. Look for fish following schools of whitefish and cisco on lakes that contain them.

Walleyes move to shallower flats and bays with structure at first ice to feed in low light hours, but hold in nearby deep water during the day. Move in stealth mode announcing your arrival is counter-productive. Walleye suckers and fatheads under tip-ups or on jigs, and jigging baits, are effective presentations.

Northern Pike:
Northern pike fishing is good, with fish in shallow bays and near weeds, weedlines, wood, and other structure, as well as baitfish and panfish concentrations. Suckers, shiners, and minnows on tip-ups, and jigging baits, will do the trick.

Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass:
Bass species are not generally a prime focus for ice anglers. Catches seem to have increased in the past few years, with most on sucker minnows and shiners on tip-ups set over shallow weeds whether intentional or incidental.

Crappies will be around green weeds, cribs, and in deep basins, dispersed throughout the water column so check it from top to bottom. Crappie minnows, waxies, spikes, plastic, and Gulp! baits on small jigs, teardrops, and plain hooks are effective, as are small jigging spoons.

Bluegill and Perch:
Bluegill and perch are in all parts of the water column, and from shallow bays to deep basins. Waxies, spikes, plastics, and Gulp! baits on small jigs, teardrops, and plain hooks work well.