It's that time of year again when most species start packing on the weight for the winter months and fishing has improved greatly. Walleyes, although scattered, seem to have made their move to deeper water, especially around rocks and or gravel, even deep water stumps, these areas have been improving daily as some nice eyes are being caught in these areas, Invasion jigs tipped with extra large fatheads work very well around the wooded structure while a plain round head jig will work in and around the gravel and rocky bottom, also with fatheads. Not a lot of action yet in the deep river channels, but that will happen soon as the water temps drop a little more, and now with the current picking up from the release of water from Manitowish Waters. Crappies and bluegills are being taken on a regular basis, deep water wood is the key here, cribs or submerged root systems and stumps will also hold fish. Light jigs tipped with medium fats or Mr Crappie type plastics work the best for crappie, while a small piece of crawler or earth worm works the best for gills and perch.

See you on the water, good luck.

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