Guess it's time for an update on the recent action on the TFF. Water levels are still receding at a slow pace, roughly a little more than 2 foot down, but not as bad as last year at this time. Water temps as of yesterday morning were around 66 degrees and falling at a very slow rate. Walleye action has varied from good to bad at times, big cold front the other morning had them shut down, but have improved since then. Eyes are very scattered from day to day, but most are being taken in 8 to 14 foot, mostly over submerged timber, and most are being taken on Invasion jigs tipped with extra large fatheads. Crappie action is heating up and good numbers are being taken on light jigs tipped with medium fatheads and also plastics in deep wood such as big root systems, brush piles and cribs. Perch are scattered but getting most of them on fats or 1/2 crawlers at the base of mid lake humps, and bluegills are everywhere, from shallows to deep wood, won't be long before the bigger gills move into the cribs and are much easier to locate, light jigs and small piece of crawler or red worms work the best for them.

See you on the water.

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