Been awhile since my last report, figured I'd best get back on here and post an update. As a you might know, water levels are around 2 foot down, stumps starting to become more visible as it continues to drop, gladly not dropping fast. Morning water temps have been averaging in the low 70's, so that's not too bad for this time of year. Walleye fishing has seen its ups and downs but have picked up lately. No certain pattern yet, one day deep, next day shallow, mud or wood, it's a guessing game, Invasion jigs tipped with minnows and crawlers working equally , slow retrieve is working the best, fish have been holding tight to the bottom and not overly aggressive but are catchable. Expect a good number of eyes caught will be at or below the 12 inch minimum, so make sure to measure them carefully. Crappies are being taken over deep structure, cribs, brush piles and rocks, light jigs tipped with medium fats or plastics, perch and gills are still very scattered but can be found hanging around medium to deep wood structure, worms or crawlers working the best for them.

Good luck my friends, see you on the water.

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