Walleye action has remained on the good side for the most part since my last report, with only a couple of slow days during this time. Most action has come from shallow weeds, pencil and cabbage and also windblown shorelines and mid lake humps with a good wood strewn bottom. Invasion jigs tipped with either 1/2 crawler or large fatheads have worked the best, did have one guest who tossed a perch colored rapala and done fairly well with it, boated some nice pike and a walleye. Jumbo perch and some very nice gills have also been taken in the weeds and deeper wood on medium fats and also on 1/2 crawlers. Pike as usual are everywhere, bonus year for those who like pickled pike. No crappie action to speak of, but we have the large mayfly hatch to contend with now, this is always a challenge to contend with.

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