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There are many resources available on Aeternum in New World and each requires a specific Gathering skill and tool to collect. For example, to cut down a tree, you'll have to hack away at it with your axe. To skin an animal, you'll have to watch a long skinning animation.

While actually crafting large quantities of items can be done relatively quickly, gathering the necessary resources can be time-consuming. So having better tools goes a long way towards increasing gathering speeds, making them a must-have as you progress through the game. We'll explain how to upgrade gathering tools in this guide.

You'll need to level up your engineering skill to craft higher-level tools. Iron tools have no engineering level requirements, but starting at steel tools, you'll need an engineering level of 50 to craft better tools, and the skill level requirement keeps going up with better types of metal. For example, you'll need two coarse leather, three timber, and 12 iron ingots for an iron logging ax. The leather and timber requirements will stay the same when creating a steel logging axe, but you'll need steel ingots instead of iron. Better types of tools increase your harvesting speeds significantly. The iron logging axe has a gathering speed of 125%, while upgrading to the steel logging axe boasts a 250% gathering speed increase.

Another super-important thing when crafting tools is adding Special Resources and Azoth. The more of the latter you add, the more you increase the chances of the new tool having Attributes, Perks, and Gem Slots. As for the Special Resources, most often drop from enemies, chests, or from generally farming stuff in Dungeons. Each adds an extra perk to your tool, such as gathering speed, durability, higher yield, luck to increase odds of getting rare materials, etc.

Also, if you have enough New World Coins, you can find upgraded tools that others are selling at Trading Post. That's a perfectly good avenue to obtain some.

This might not sound like much, but having better tools really makes farming runs for necessary resources far less of a chore. For more New World guides, please click here!