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Thread: looking for Old Resort Info - Twin Tahoe, Birchpoint Lodge, & Pine Trees Hideaway

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    Question looking for Old Resort Info - Twin Tahoe, Birchpoint Lodge, & Pine Trees Hideaway

    Greetings from the Sunflower State & Home of the Jayhawks! was looking into making a nostalgic trip up to Mercer but was having a hard time locating any of the resorts my family used to visit - Any info or history on em would be Very Appreciated!

    1. Twin Tahoe? my parents stayed there for their honeymoon back in july of 1954. I thought I found the remains of it it once but couldnt be sure

    2. Birchpoint Lodge, this was my most memorable resort as a kid going up there from St Louis with my family every summer - I recall 4-6 cabins and it was owned by Al Feese & Marge Feese no real dining just tombstone pizza beef jerky and beer mostly I vaguely recall turning off the main highway by a supperclub then onto Popko Circle?

    3. The last place we stayed at was Pine-Trees - Hide a way it was owner by a german couple, Ernie, & Anranka (sp) downstairs bar and restaurant with amazing german food stayed there in the later 80s a couple times

    any of these places still around ? most of my memories are from the 70s/80s - the Wampum shop, Sugar Bowl Cafe, Duck Shack, the old RedOwl store. and watching fireworks over a little pond by St Isaac Jogues church any old or current history or status would be appreciated!

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    Birchpoint is all condos now. Pine trees Hideaway is just the Hideaway now. Club 51 is now the Cranberry Inn I believe. Hopefully someone can fill in the blanks regarding Twin Tahoe.

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