Been awhile since my last report, and not a whole lot to report on now, except the bite has slowed down considerably, walleyes are scattered, and the ones we have been catching are stuffed full of bugs, and mayflys that are still popping up. Never have I seen so many species of bugs and insects that are hatching, folks, this is all fish food and they are stuffing themselves, bluegills, perch, bass, and crappies are all fat as pigs from the hatching bugs. Even though all this is going on, we are still finding some eyes and a good deal of panfish that are looking for a crawler, minnow bite , at least for my boat has dropped off, haven't tried any leeches. Weed patches, along with submerged timber, and wind blown shorelines are still your best bet, as is river channel edges. Casting jigs along with slip bobber set up works great on calmer days, try them all and good luck.

Booked most of this week, will keep you posted.

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