The last two days showed the up's and downs of walleye fishing. Monday's action was very good as fairly strong NW winds were whipping up and fish were on the feed, my two guests and I found active fish in water no deeper than 5 foot, some over weeds, wood, and windblown shorelines. Most eyes were caught on Invasion jigs tipped with fatheads, 1/2 crawler, and leeches. Two of our largest eyes came on in-line spinner and fixed bobbers tipped with medium fats as we used the wind to our advantage as we drifted shallow flats. Tuesdays action didn't fare too well as my two guests and I tried all the same spots plus others as the day before and it pretty much sucked for us, we did manage to boat a number of eyes but all small except for two nice eyes and perch. The almighty Northern Pike greeted us with open arms, seems they like the NE winds we had. Back out today, will keep you posted.

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