The past two days has once again seen some pretty good walleye action despite the mayflys and very warm weather. Deeper water once again was the key, along with a very slow presentation with jig n fathead, or 1/2 crawler, not much action on the leeches though. These 12 to 14 foot depths scattered with submerged stumps and large boulders are holding fish, but it takes some patience,(TIME) to cover these areas back and forth, they are not chasing due to full bellies of mayfly's, you almost have to drag your bait over the top of their heads, but they are down there. Evidence of fish caught are posted on Facebook daily for anyone interested. Numbers have been good lately, lots of small ones under 12 inches being caught and released, future looks good, also been getting a few larger eyes recently, 16 to 18 inchers showing up that's mixed in with the smaller eyes. Back out today for a warm sun bath and hopefully a nice mess of walleye, will keep you posted.

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