Saturday's action was once again pretty good, and for all species. My two guests and I spent the day working various structures and depths , and found a little action in most spots that we fished. Fatheads, crawlers, leeches, and plastics all produced fish. Walleye and pike were mixed with each other as always, even in the deeper water. Deep rocks, wood, and shallow weeds seemed to be the best fish producing areas of the day. Although we had a nice catch in our livewell, our catch of the day was when Randy, one of my guests for the day boated an very nice musky on a Invasion jig tipped with fathead, 6 lb line in shallow coontail weeds. Sunday mornings trip didn't plan out s well as storms moved in early, we caught mostly small eyes up to that time but were all released. Saw a good number of Mayflys yesterday, so ya all know what that means with the water warming up, they will be covering the big pond this week. Good luck with them. Trip planned for today, storms in the distance, we'll see what happens.

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