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    Saturday saw some pretty good action for a change, walleyes, pike, and jumbo perch, all were active and my clients and I caught a very good amount of them for all to have one big fish fry for all 6 of them. Starting out drifting with 1/16th ounce Invasion jigs tipped with fatheads over 5 foot of water, we put some nice eyes, perch, and pike in the well. Trying some weed patches proved unproductive, we then moved on to deep rocks in 18 to 20 ft of water and found many walleye and jumbo perch, all caught on 1/8th to 1/4 ounce jigs and fatheads. This spot produced over twenty eyes along with jumbo perch and some nice pike.

    Back out tomorrow for another go at it. Will keep you posted.

    Don's Guide Service
    Don Pemble

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    Great day Don. Epic fish fry

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    I call that great action. More fish frys and warmer days are coming your way Don. Hundreds of us enjoy your reports.

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