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    Opening day blues, walleyes for the most part were pretty much in the hiding mode, beautiful day except for the strong winds and lack of fish. My three friends and I spent our morning searching every possible place you can do on a very windy day and did not fare well except for a mess of pike. Sunday morning started out like Saturday but we finally found very good walleye action in a section of a river channel where we boated over 20 eyes, mostly small but we did get four nice keepers along with a nice jumbo perch. All male walleye, still milking. Invasion jigs tipped with either fatheads or mudminnows were used. Talked to many anglers on both days and it seems the majority of them all found very poor results with the eyes. Gonna get better soon.

    Next trip on Tuesday, will keep you posted.

    Don's Guide Service
    Don Pemble

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    Good to hear from you Don! Hope all is well. Jeff

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