During the summer of 2020, due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus...our main concerns here were centered around people having a safe and fun fishing vacation while being respectful of other guests. It sure wasn't like previous years and we hope things get better real soon.

Numbers were down for our fishing contest. That was expected and it's OK. I wasn't out there measuring everyone's fish like I normally do. Quite a few big fish were released and never entered into our 2020 numbers...and that's OK too.

Our big Walleye for 2020 ended up in a tie at 24 1/2 inches. Abby Houliston was here for opening week (May 9-15) with her Dad. Abby's fish took the lead and stayed there all summer....until her Dad returned for some late September Walleye fishing. Steve (her Dad) took pictures of the fish and I verified that it too, was 24 1/2 inches. So our Walleye contest ends in a tie, Daughter and Father, caught spring and fall. Pretty cool eh!

Abby Reasons landed a 24 1/4 inch Walleye in July. We had a 4-way tie at 24 inches between Bob Tinger, Bob Timmons, Jeanne Alexander and Dan Johnston.

Matt Ortiz took Big Crappie honors with the 14 3/4 inch monster he landed in May. Kathy Thiele took second place with her 13 7/8...landed in June. Cheryl Sager caught TWO Crappies that were both 13 3/4 inches. Tate Larsen landed a 13 5/8 inch Crappie. Then it was Bob Thiele at 13 1/4.

Our Big Muskie Champion for 2020 is Tony Smith. He landed a sweet 49 incher in June. Oak Haven seasonal camper Jim Kohl landed THREE Muskie in September....38 3/4....44 1/2 and 46 inches. (All landed within seven days of each other!) Nice net work by Jim's wife Nancy! Dean Lanners landed a 44 inch Musky in September. These Muskie were all released alive.

Our 2020 Largemouth Bass Champion is Zach Lanners. He landed a 20 3/4 inch lunker in September. Roger Bales was second at 18 inches. Mike Godfrey landed a 17 3/4 incher. Andy Peterson also landed a 17 3/4 inch Bass.

Kathy Johanning landed 2020's biggest Perch in September. Her 12 1/2 incher edged Steve Antell's 12 1/4 incher. We had a three way tie at 12 1/8 inches between Brent Scholtes, Kathy Johanning and Mark Dutton.

Our ten biggest Bluegill's for 2020 were all between 9 3/4 inches and 9 1/2 inches. Steve Gleason caught his 9 3/4 incher in July. The rest of our top ten were all caught in August and September.

Charlie Hasek took big Pike honors at 30 1/2 inches. Jenny Smith was second at 30 inches. Bob Thiele landed a 29 and a 28 1/4. Blake Blakstad and Abby Houliston each landed a 28 inch Pike.

Big Rock Bass honors go to David Brosius Jr. He landed 1st and 2nd place Rockies....11 1/2 and 11 inches. Kathy Thiele and Bob Thiele each landed a 10 7/8 inch Rock Bass. Loy Godfrey was next at 10 3/4.

Please stay well and take care. We hope to see you here in 2021. Thanks.