We finally closed out the worst October fishing I have seen (since 1993) with another tough day on the water. I always look forward to this weekend because Dave and Ken are 2 very good sticks and we usually have lots of action. Yesterday, we netted around 10 fish. 7 bass, 3 perch, 2 small pike and 1 lost/bit-off musky at boatside.

We grinded thru lots of good water and tried several different things but the lack of fish was tough to overcome. It was tough enough that we decided to stay home today. The normal migration of southern fish moving up into the Warren area has been delayed for some reason. Finding bait schools has even been tough. Birds of prey arenít even working the river either. A real head scratcher.

So, it is time for some overdue leaf and grass maintenance just in time for the 1pm kickoff.

Good luck out there and be safe!