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    Hey Red,

    Glad you have been able to keep up with the fishing this year with everything thats been going on. Its been a whirlwind for me with a lot of changes. On the fishing side, I've only been out a couple of times all season so far. I did lose a heartbreaker back in May. I've been trying to net a beast of a Tiger and get a replica done. I had that fish on and within 10ft of the boat when it got to the surface and shook the hook free. Still feeling that one. Was on different water yesterday for a couple hours and lost an upper 30's fish after just a couple of head shakes. Got it to follow the next cast, but would not eat again.

    I'm hoping to make up some time on the water over the next couple of months. We'll see how that goes. Good luck out there this Fall. Hope everyone can get out there and put some monsters in the net!!


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    I feel your pain, Jay.

    The largest fish I have seen this year went airborne (back in August) and was gone. I felt horrible for my guy.

    Good Luck and safe travels to you as well!
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