Another very tough morning for us as we launched the boat into the thick fog created by a severe cold front. We decided to slow our artificial presentations down while combing the bottom hoping to dig a few fish out of the rocks. We had 6-7 hook-ups/short strikes and only netted 3 bass before we quit at 11:30. It was one of the toughest days in a couple months. Zero bait in the shallows and hardly in signs of life in the weedbeds. The normal surface activity was absolutely zero. I did not even see any suckers breaching the surface during the first couple hours of sunrise.

There were hardly any boats out this weekend which could have been weather related but more likely due to the PSFT coming up this weekend in Tidioute. Many guys were likely taking care of house chores and bait gathering in preparation for the big tournament.

Water temps were in the 61-62.5 range.

Stay tuned and good luck!