Tom decided to take his mom, Francis, (who still resides in Youngsville) fishing while he visited from Florida this week. Francis and I worked for the Warren County School District once upon a time.....she retired 10 years ago and I left 20 years ago. Anyway, we got an early start to the day as the 3 of us were hoping to catch a walleye or 3 so Francis could have a nice walleye dinner. We struck out on the walleye but she had a very nice musky eat her XRap at boatside and the fight was on. She was unable to move around the boat very well as she was still healing up from a hip replacement just a few weeks earlier so when the musky went to the opposite side of the boat, I knew we were in trouble. She managed to get the musky close but as I am getting ready to roll the dice and net a hot fish, it dove under the boat and the 8lb. test did not hold up. Bye-bye musky.

The lure was barely hanging on the outside of her mouth so hopefully the fish will be OK. The fish looked to be around 38-40 inches. We did get a couple smallies before the crazy weather came and forced us to quit around 11. Tom and Francis were soaked and wanted to continue to fish but the high winds simply made things too uncomfortable. The bad weather wasn’t suppose to come until around 2pm. It was 4 hours early.

We lost power for 13 hours (again) just like last week! Today is my first day of school (with mask-wearing students) at Falconer.

Good luck and have a great week!