We attempted an early morning fly-fishing trout hunt then, as the sun got higher, we moved to spinning gear. We had zero action on the fly rods but Mark missed a trout on spinning gear just minutes after the switchover. That would be all the trout action we would see. As we worked our way thru Warren and further South just looking to bend a rod, it was easy to see that this was another slow day of fishing. We boated 2 pike and 2 bass before we quit 6 hours later. Monday was the last day of summer break for me.

I was kinda surprised to see the water temp so high near the outflow (71.5) but I had forgotten the Reservoir is 9-10 feet below normal. The river is low and treacherous thru the Trophy Trout section so be very careful.

Saturday will be the next time my boat will be launched. The weekend warrior mentality has arrived.

Be safe and good luck!