A very lethargic fishing day. The bait was hunkered down, the bass/walleye action was some of the slowest of the summer for us. The 2 hottest bass areas on Monday were the 2 slowest action spots 24 hours later. After all these years, it is still strange how temperamental fish can be from one day to the next. We had to really grind and slow things down for 4 bass to hit the bag over 5.5 hours of fishing. The baits we expected to offset the tough bite brought no relief. As I keep trying to draw a solid correlation between the lack of predatory bird activity and fishing results, yesterday just reinforced that notion again. We only saw 1 eagle and one osprey hunting the river and the fishing was very slow. Hmmmm.

This morningís plan is to try and bag a toothy critter or two then switch over to bass a few hours later. Letís see what happens.

Stay tuned and good luck!