Thick fog and a chilly ride down the river this morning. A little September in the air for sure. We had a pretty good morning considering it is still August with about a dozen bass hitting the net and another 4-5 shaking loose prematurely. Bo and Brian started the morning off chasing pike. About 20 casts into the day, Bo has a big pike come in hot and tight but she quickly spooked away just before the first turn. Then, a half hour later, Brian gets a short-nipper pike that grabbed all tail and no hooks, of course. Zero walleye sightings once again. Head scratcher.

Water temps were around 68-69 and we fished 5.5 hours until the sun got high in the bluebird skies. The floating grass/weeds has begun and is making things difficult South of Warren. This coolsnap seems to be coming to an end tomorrow. The amount of shallow surface bait was about 20% of the norm with most bait hugging in deeper (warmer) water.

Lots of fishing coming up beginning this Sunday evening thru next Friday as the last full week of summer vacation comes to an end.

Good luck and stay tuned!